About Us - Who We Are

MerchSprint Dropshipping Technology makes custom apparel production and delivery incredibly simple.

Our aim is to make custom merchandise available to everyone.

We’re passionate about great ideas that change everyone’s lives for the better.

We set out to break down the needlessly complex print and merchandise industry so that creative minds, restless digital nomads, time-strapped entrepreneurs, and everyone in between can do what they do best - create great products, drive sales, and succeed in their own businesses.

Our cutting-edge technology makes it easy to create high-quality custom-printed products and deliver them directly to your customers.

The process of dropshipping has never been easier.

Connect your brand’s online shopping platform and deliver high-quality printed apparel direct to your customers.

MerchSprint Dropshipping Technology is powered by Create Apparel

Create Apparel is proud to have been creating high-quality printed products in Australia since 2002. 

Trusted by thousands of brands all over the country, our business has grown from humble beginnings to become the market-leading custom-printed apparel company it is today.

Sportswear is where we started, quality custom-printed apparel is what we do.

Create Apparel’s experienced founders recognised the need for innovative new technology to simplify the custom-printing process, so we developed the groundbreaking new proprietary system, Merchsprint. 

MerchSprint Dropshipping Technology powered by Create Apparel makes custom apparel production and delivery incredibly simple.

Start creating with us today.

Simplify your printing process with merch sprint

Check out why we’re different.
Value One

We care about merchants, so they can create something big and unique people love to use

Value Two

We are continuously learning, improving and creating new opportunities for everyone.

Value Three

Our mission is straightforward, we help merchants make more money with less effort

we stand for

  • We believe in challenging the status quo of the printing industry.

  • We believe that time is the most valuable thing, so we try to do everything possible to make Print on Demand ecommerce as simple as possible.

  • We believe there is a better way manufacturing can be done.

  • We believe we can positively change the ecommerce printing industry..

  • We refuse to accept waste, outdated methods, and outdated procedures..

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